Our Secure Client Portals: Behind the Scenes

Finding a WordPress plugin for sharing files with clients can be a difficult task. It needs to be secure, reliable, and flexible enough to meet as many of your file sharing needs as possible in one plugin, ideally without paying an arm and a leg.
WP-Client provides a secure, versatile and easy-to-use file sharing system. This is in addition to the host of other useful features that the plugin provides, arguably the most important of which is a secure client login portal. This secure login combined with the file sharing system helps make sure that any files that you assign to your clients are only accessible to the correct client, and only after they have properly logged in using their unique login credentials.

The WP-Client file sharing system allows you to upload and assign any type of file to your clients, using various methods including assigning via FTP or remote file location. Additionally, you clients can also be allowed to upload files directly from their HUB Page. This allows them to share files directly with you the admin, and with any management member that is assigned to them.

Check out WP-Client’s website for more details @ http://WP-Client.com

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