What’s In a Name?

Before SparkDawn Media’s launch in February 2012, we were known as ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions. Having served a number of clients and invested in marketing and advertising for nine years, we needed to carefully weigh the pros and cons of a name change.

After careful review and in consultation with our clients, we are excited to introduce our new brand. Going forward, the SparkDawn moniker positions us to offer the highest level of creative services to our clients. For those of you who are curious, here are answers to your questions about the transition from ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions to SparkDawn Media.

Name Change FAQs

Why did you change your name?

“ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions” served us well in 2003 when we focused on offering business plans and strategic support services. However, over the past several years, we’ve intentionally moved toward an emphasis on creative design services and needed a brand that fit our expanding target markets. We believe that SparkDawn fits our family and corporate clients as well as our youth sports teams. Besides, ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions was quite a mouthful; don’t you agree?

Are you offering different services now?

We no longer offer business planning services. Nor do we offer strategic services that are not related to design or technology. SparkDawn Media is adding photo and video services. We’ve been servicing clients in those markets for a few years now and will include them in our portfolio this summer.

How did you choose the new name?

We created our new name by following the same advice we give our clients. First, we created a list of words that represented the new direction of the company. Next, we experimented with various combinations of these words and cross-checked our ideas against a list of available domain names. We sought input from people in each of our target markets to see how they perceived the final choices. Finally, we chose “SparkDawn,” and added “Media” to indicate our main service offerings.

Are you still a Christian company?

SparkDawn is a Christian-owned company. Some of our clients, contractors, and interns are Christians, and some are not. We’ve worked with churches and ministries, and with Christians and non-Christians who own regular businesses since our launch in 2003. We have always appreciated the opportunity to work with diverse clientele on various projects, and we will continue to do so. With that said, ThingsEternal was certainly a more overtly Christian name, but as we’ll discuss in a future blog post, “SparkDawn” has some spiritual roots as well.

What will happen to ThingsEternal?

We expect that ThingsEternal will still be around for quite some time! Here’s how we’re handling the different divisions:

  • ThingsEternal Creations has moved to www.thingseternal.com — We redesigned this site and added new products – the Grand Re-Opening is officially scheduled for March 6, 2012.
  • ThingsEternal Life Strategies will remain active at thingseternal.org.
  • ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions (formerly located at www.thingseternal.net) will automatically redirect to sparkdawn.com.
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